Butterfly & Flowers Pathtag #11238 - RETIRED - Geocoin Alternative

Butterfly & Flowers Pathtag #11238 - RETIRED - Geocoin Alternative

Beautifully detailed pathtag featuring a swallowtail butterfly and flowers, from 2009. This design is now retired.

All of our pathtags have been kept in our private collection since new and are from a smoke-free home.

Trackable at (pathtags are not trackable at )

A little info about Pathtags :

Pathtags are small metal discs that measure 23mm in diameter and are 2.0mm thick (about the size and weight of a US Quarter, or a one Euro coin). They are made from a solid iron base and are plated in a protective coloured plating of either silver, gold, copper, or black nickel. The front of each pathtag has a unique design made up of coloured enamels (although some tag designs have no coloured enamel and are "all metal"). The reverse of the tag has the tag's own unique serial number which is used to track/log the pathtag at (the address of the Pathtags website is also on the reverse of the tag).

In the world of Geocaching, they are mostly regarded as personal signature items/geocaching tokens that geocachers sometimes like to leave behind as trade/signature items in certain caches that they visit.

On the whole though you don't need to be a Geocacher to appreciate these cute little 'coins', they just make wonderful
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