Buttons ! Pinbacks ! Political, Pop Music, 113 of them!

Buttons ! Pinbacks ! Political , Pop Music , 113 of them!
OK, 's what you get:
Kennedy, Nixon, Nixon / Lodge, Johnson / Keating, Dukakis, 2 Mondale / Ferraro, Ford/ Dole, Stevenson, Adlai & Estes, Ottinger, Robach, Javits and a couple of others.................
Rock Group/ Radio Pins and others.........................
2 U2, 2 Cure, 3 Culture Club, 2 Rocky Horror, 5 Beatles, 5 Stones, Run DMC, Love & Rockets, Billy Bragg, Art of Noise, Edie Brickell, X, INXS, Andreas Vollenweider, Rush, Mojo Nixon (elvis needs boats, Doors, Cinderella, Echo & Bunnymen, 5 I'm A Rocker (92 MJQ), 2 WCMF, 2 Pepsi, Free Nelson Mandela, Lonesome Charlie, Jesus is Spirit, Stonhenge, United Nations, Ontario, Solidarity (Poland) Mosby, I love NY, 2 IBM Chaplin,
I was a pig at Altamont Dairy Bar, 50th year Red Cross, 3 Rochester Bus, Homecoming, My Mommy Loves Me, Singer, Naples Creek, Luv Ya Black & Gold, I'm so happy...., Keep the spirit moving, and a few more
2 Buffalo Bills Large Pins
PLUS 10 more just added!!! See last photo!!
A couple and t have lost the pin thing in back, a few are a teeny bit aged...or rusty I suppose, (see bigger Nixon). Email if you need more info! Thanks
Parcel Post to USA is $ 5.00 . Insurance is extra if desired, Don't worry,I'll pack it well but if damaged
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