Buzza Mottos: "Daughter" & "Welcome, Guest!

These two Buzza Mottos are being sold as one item. One motto is titles, "Daughter" It reads, "Daughter, may your feet tread the roads of a long delight. May your eyes see beauty, May your soul see light: May your lips know a smile, and your heart a song, and love go with you your whole life long." This is by J. P. McEvoy. Below the writing this is marked, "1924 a Buzza motto-Mpls. U.S.A. This motto has the original Buzza back hanger. The backing on this piece has been replaced. The image is in good condition and is in its original frame. The frames outside measurements are 7&3/4 inches by 10&3/4 inches. The other motto is titled, Welcome, Guest. It reads, "Welcome Quest! Hello Guest and howdeedo! This small room belongs to you. And our house and all that's in it. Make yourself at home each minute, If the temperature displeases, take a couple of our breezes: And if that should chill you later, sit upon our radiator. If hungry pang is twitchin, make a raaid upon our kitchen: Help yourself to book or blotter, easy chair or teeter-totter: All is yours that you like best, You're at home now! Welcome Guest!" Below this its is marked, "A Buzza Motto 1927, from the writings of J. P. Evoy." This motto has the original Buzza back hanger. It is in good condition with its original frame. The frame's outside measurements are 7& 3/4 ... read more