Byul Fata Groove pullip fashion doll ballerina in USA

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P roduction and design

Cheonsang Cheonha

Sale Date

January 2014

Byul Series: January 2014


I am a flower fairy...
Wearing a pretty tutu...
Dancing around and around.

- Byul, now a flower fairy ballerina, has elegantly arrived!!
- Absolutely gorgeous headdress accessorized with plenty of roses!!
- Her soft makeup is adorable, clean looking, and accentuates her transparent skin!!
- Pay attention to her see-through fair skin, transparent emerald green eyes, full pink lips and soft cheeks, and rosy eyelids!!
- There are roses on her tutu and emerald green beads along the bottom of the skirt!!
- The inside of her tutu is lined with light blue colored lace, and the transparent tulle lace is pretty!!
- Her wig is a natural black color with curls creating an elegant finish.
- If she puts on her pink ballet slippers and poses, she looks like a beautiful ballerina♪
- Doll, Headdress, Tops, Tutu, Tights, Toe-shoes, collectible card and doll stand.

About Byul:
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