Please read the ad fully as we only ship once per week to keep costs down to save you money, so you will need to be patient when ordering from us. We do not want our account damaged from bad feedback, limiting our sales here on eBay, so please be patient when ordering and don't leave us lower than a 4 stars on feedback please, limiting our sales here on eBay , as we will fix any problems to avoid that. Indoor Motorsports offers a vintage all original 1/24 scale BZ Banshee RTR factory painted in green with racing stripes and name "Banshee" in black on the sides and no other damage. BZ 1966 molded on the rear license body has two holes in the wrong place where it was mounted to the wrong chassis and the rockers are wrinkled a bit at the bottom from doing so. Comes on nice original drop flag chrome plated chassis with all correct running gear and dead rear tires. All four correct wheels with 3-prong knockoffs and o-ring front tires. Correct 36D motor runs great when tested on a 12-volt power supply. One lead wire has an extension added. Guaranteed vintage original. See photos and more available upon request. Don't forget to see us on the web! Products work on Carrera, Riggen, Monogram, Revell, Ninco, Scalextric and many other track systems! Best prices on the net! We are a legitimate 23 year old Hobby business and we deliver a good

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