C 1903 ~ Sig Sautelle Railroad Circus Songster Program

An original & complete Sig Sautelle's New Big Railroad Shows Songster , Circa 1902-04. Measures 11 x 14 inches, with approximately 20 pages. Newspaper pulp, tabloid type paper & format. Includes the lyrics to dozens of old songs and full page cure-all advertisements for the various ailments of the day. The condition issues include a general fragility & some foxing. At on time the program was folded in quarters (crease visible) On the front cover t is a one (1) inch paper loss on the clown's left cheek (at quater-fold crease). The rear page is separated horizontally at center, but complete and attached to the main body(see photo). Other then that, the fore-edge is a bit worn, overall I would say the condition is Good +, to Very Good - , considering its age and ephemera qualities. Completly readable.

Sig Sautelle was born George Satterlee in Luzerne, N. Y., September 22, 1848. He was a Civil War vet who started a circus, which toured via the northeast canal routes in the 1880s. He enjoyed popularity & success, so in September 1901, the announcement was made that the following season the show would be on rails. In 1902, he bought fifteen flat cars, by 1904 he had twenty-three more, his menagerie included 14 cages and the circus would have four elephants

The Sig Sautelle Railroad show was a big success over
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