R/C 1/72 PC 553 Submarine chaser,( Or Patrol Gun boat )

R/C 1/72 PC 553 Submarine chaser,( Or Patrol Gun boat ),,,,nearly 3 feet long. This Kit is complete, Hull, very detailed Deck ( pre-drilled for railings,etc.), sub deck, superstructure, all guns, fittings, hatches, doors, railing material, mast custom made with crows nest out of brass, netting material for safety nets along railings,life boat, rafts,plans, even includes glue and sand paper. This Hull is Very detailed,.all detail molded into the Hull, plates, bilge keels, keel, haws pipes. This builds much like a regular plastic kit. ( Note,some resin parts might need a little trimming, or sanding ). All it needs is prop's, shaft's, motor's, R/C stuff, and you're set to run. Builds quick and pretty easy. This is a Great model, from Germany, extremely rare,,only a couple w ever made, then he stopped. I bought it for $175.00 plus shipping. I am starting bidding low at $79.00.Shipping will be $22.00 's a chance to save a lot of money, if you w planning on getting into this hobby. Email me for questions and photos. NOTE: I live far in the country,,, I take all items one hour into town to a MOM and POP pack and ship. They charge me for boxes, packing materials, labor and shipping. This is why the quoted price. W I live, you can not find boxes,,,you pay for them, even recycled boxes. Also, because I have to drive far into town, and only ... read more