Up for auction is a C.C. Cole Pottery of the Seagrove, North Carolina Area ( Teague Shop Era, 1939 to 1971), North Carolina Art Pottery, American Art Pottery, Southern Folk Pottery, Scarce, Small Size Rebecca Jug Vase with a typical C.C. Cole Pottery Multi-Glaze Treatment, but also in the shape of a not so typical Rebbeca Jug for a piece this small by the C.C. Cole Pottery, circa 1940's, 1950's. This is not a marked piece of C.C. Cole pottery, but then again it is. The glazes, the big bulbous body, and the base with its turned up edge are the signatures of this piece. I have to admit, I have a little problem with the terminology of "Tourist Pottery" that is associated often times with North Carolina Art Pottery. The small and large potteries of the Seagrove area and as a matter of fact, the mountain potteries and the Catawba Valley potteries all tried to set up their shops on or near main roads that would bring tourists and visitors by. This was before the days of Interstates and improved U.S. Highways. I realize the tourist resorts would have the N.C. potteries make items for them and some even had their own stamp applied. However, at the same time if a man traveling between New England and Florida stopped and bought a large Rebbeca Jug or Porch Vase to take home with him, did he not just purchase a piece of "Tourist" pottery. I ... read more