Yes a beautiful C.N.R. Lantern Lamp stand for Canadian National Railroad. On top embossed H.L.PIPER , M. Bottom of the Lantern Lamp embossed H.L.Piper, Montreal.

When you open the sliding door which is embossed on top C.N.R. their is a metal box for kerosene , and a little chiminey of glass Pyrex in very perfect condition. Since I bought the lantern from railroad guy I just clean it and did not touch anything, she is from the 1930s from Canada.

The lantern has some spot of paint which is gone, and on top its more grey than black from used. Their is two nice Ruby Red light front and back and two green of both sides all in perfect condition nothing is broken.

The lantern measurement is 18" high with handle and 15" tall without. She is 8" wide with lights and 7" diameter without. Their is a strong based of iron under. Some convert them electric is nice. But this one is RAILROAD ORIGINAL. Its has the glass inside with the small tank, with the steel handle opening coming in front for opening kerosene. Nice for collection and display. Hard to get know,almost no more. This lantern sure is a piece of century for display any place.

Buyer pays shipping and insurance.

USA SALE FROM MAINE, Also address inside Canada for Buyers. Will email for final sale after. Thanks