C Rogers and Brothers Fruit Spoons

T were several companies who marked their wares with using the word Rogers and it can sometimes be confusing. This is by C. Rogers & Bros of Meriden Connecticut, founded by Cephas B Rogers, Gilbert Rogers and Wilbur F Rogers in 1866. It is not to be confused with Rogers & Bro of Waterbury, Connecticut who sued them for the misuse of their own mark but failed to stop its use. C Rogers & Bros used the mark until 1903 when they were purchased by International Silver Co.. The company did not make items in sterling silver but were well known for their plated wares. This is confirmed by the use of the term A1 used only for silver plate.

The spoons have an ornate pattern, I however do not know the name of the pattern. Please see pictures below. T are seven spoons in the lot. They are 6 inches in length. All are in excellent condition.