C. S. Bell church bell school bell 24inch bell good con

This is a large 24 inch church or school bell made by the C. S. Bell Foundry in Hillsboro, Ohio. All markings indicates that is is well over 100 years old. Weight is approximately 200lbs. I will crate and ship for actual cost or arrangements can be made for your shipper to pick up. Can also be picked up locally. It is in good condition. Please note that this bell is for sale in other areas and I can not guarantee its availability. Please bid early for your piece of history. Call for availibility. Please visit the C. S. Bell website for additional information.

C.S.Bell and his bellfoundry

Editor's Note: The framed text below is a slightly revised version of the principal content of a page which formerly appeared on the Website of the City of Hillsboro, Ohio. It is presented for the convenience of those who wish to know a little of the history of the former C.S.Bell firm of that city. Unfortunately, it does not answer the important question of when the name of the firm changed - important because the bells themselves are undated. The bells are identified by one of three different names: "C.S.Bell", "C.S.Bell & Co.", or "The C.S.Bell Co." (The maker's name appears not on the bell itself, as it usually does for bronze bells, but on the yoke from which the bell is hung.) Not all bells manufactured by this company bore

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