C.S. Bell & Co 20 inch School Bell

This is a School Bell made by the C.S. Bell company in Hillsboro Ohio. This thing is HEAVY. It will be shipped disassembled in a wooden box. Shipping will be per zip code and handling will be 38.00 for box construction. Pay Pal Preferred. This bell is in unrestored condition, just like it came out of the school bell tower. The patina is black and parts of the bell are rust colored. This is a steel alloy bell made exclusively by C.S. Bell. Please read below for more info into the Bell Company. I think, though cannot verify, that this bell was used in North Carolina area as my father got it back in the 50's when we vacationed in the Black Mountain area. The bell is in great condition with no cracks or breaks, it makes a wonderful mellow ring, that was purposely made in mid tone between a church bell and a fire bell, so the sounds could not be confused. As you can see from the photo the clapper rod is slightly bent and the crank arm that the rope was attached to is missing.
The bells are identified by one of three different names: "C.S.Bell" (est 1838), "C.S. Bell & Company" (1882-1894, he bought out his partner Marley) and "C.S.Bell Company" (1894). The makers name does not appear on the bell itself but on the yoke. The speculation is that the first name was used when it was a proprietrship, the second name was when it was
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