R.C. Stanley Painting Rare Midcentury Framed and Signed

Up for Auction is a Wonderful Vintage Mid Century Acrylic Painting by artist R.C. Stanley. This size painting is not often found as the artist is known for his miniatures. The Description on the backside reads Painted at Sea. From what information I was able to gather about the artist he was born in Chicago and painted scenes throughout California, Arizona and England in the 70's. This painting is one from England in the 70's. I also read that he taught painting while traveling on a cruise and suspect this is one of those paintings. The painting has wonderful depth of color and great texture. The Painting shows no sign of any damage. The Frame is Wooden with Gilt Gesso and accented with a Black Velvet Liner. The frame has some wear marks on the corners. Perhaps it has been stored standing. The Velvet liner is attractive although has lost the sheen of the nap and could be recovered. This vintage painting is Beautiful in it's Near perfect vintage condition. It measures 28.5" x 24.5 with rabbit size of 19.75 x 16.76. Thanks for Looking ~ Good Luck Bidding ~