HOSPICE of DAYTON Hospice of Dayton, Ohio is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the highest qualityhospice care available to terminally ill persons and their families. We opened the Upscale Resale Store to earn additional funds to support the care of our patients. The items for sale in the store (including the carousel horse) are all donations. We are attempting to sell the horse at the least expense possible to maximize the value of the donation for patient care.
Howard Goodman co-manager of Hospice of Dayton provided this information: This horse was made in 1910 by C.W. Parker. This carousel figure would more than likely have been from a portable carousel operating at fairs and carnivals. C.W. Parker horses from this era would have had a real horse hair tail instead of one carved from wood. The carving at the rear of the saddle, known as a cantle carving is typical of C.W. Parker horses of this era. The carving at the cantle appears to be an owl. The carousel horse was donated to us when we first opened. The only information we have is that the horse was bought at a Dayton area garage sale in 1972.
Lakeside Park , Dayton , OH was a medium to large size amusement park. The NCA has some history of the carousels that operated at Lakeside and other parks in the
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