Four original pages of engraved illustrations to the Third Edition of Encyclopedia Britannica published in Edinburgh between 1788 and 1797. The illustrations were drawn and engraved by Andrew Bell who owned the publication at that time (see history below) and arranged in alphabetical order to coincide with the text, making for an interesting combination of subjects. (such as a Huer and Hippo!) These pages illustrate a Horse, Ass, Zebra, Cape Ox, Musk Ox, White Bear, Vampire, Walrus, Griffin & Hippopotamus Good condition on hand-laid paper. Page size 11 x 8 inches.
Andrew Bell (engraver) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bell's copperplate of a first rate ship-of-war from the First Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica - "undoubtedly the noblest machine that ever was invented"

Andrew Bell (1726–1809) was a Scottish engraver and printer , who co-founded Encyclopædia Britannica with Colin Macfarquhar .

Bell was born in Edinburgh in 1726, his father a baker. He had little formal education and was apprenticed to the engraver Richard Cooper. [1 ] Bell was a colourful Scot. His height was 4 foot 6; he had crooked legs and an enormous nose that he would sometimes augment with a paper-mache version whenever anyone stared at his natural nose. [2 ] Bell began work as an engraver of crests, names, etc. on dog collars.
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