c1868-1885 French Enameled Portrait Vase Artist Signed

Rare 21" French Foil Enameled Earthenware Vase, Artist Signed; Gold Gilded Highlights. c. 1868-1895.

This piece is truly wonderful using a technique of "painting" with enamel, originating in Limoges, France in the 15th century which was developed by the Penicaud family. The use of this technique was the first time that different enamel colors were put next to each other without the seperation of wire or surface metal. The enameled portrait is outlined by heavy gilded slipwork. It is quite exceptional with wonderful detail and colors. A fine foil enameled portrait of Parisian gent. The earthenware vase is glazed an eggplant purple color, with raised gold gilded fleur d lis throughout the piece. The back is decorated with gold gilded Shield, Sword, Arrow and Horn cartouche. A gold gilded band travels around 1/2 of the vase on the outside edges of the portrait. The portrait of the Parisian fellow is nearly lifelike. The face is exceptional and looks alive. His cape is incredible with enameled foil gilded cobalt background. The detail in his clothing is incredible. This is a very rare piece. It stands an amazing 21" tall. It was made by the french factory Edouard Gilles, which was located on the outskirts of Paris during 1868-1895. They made a lot of Majolica floral pieces, but the foil enamel painted work like this was rarely
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