c1890 BIXBY'S BEST SHOE BLACKING Wood Display Box see!

s a c1890 solid wood hinged-top counter display for Bixby's Best Shoe Blacking ("Polish While Damp with a Good Horse Hair Brush")!

This wood box is constructed with 3/8 inch wood, and measures 8 1/2 by 8 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches. When opened to display, t is a wonderful full color paper litho of a c1890 NYC street scene, with the large Bixby's factory in the background; it shows a NYC gentleman surrounded by shoe shine boys, with his left foot up on a shoe shine box, entitled "New York Boot Black Brigade". The signs on the factory read "Bixby's Steam Blacking Manufactory" and "The Standard Shoe Blacking of America" and "Blacking S.M. Bixby & Co. Bluing". Horse-drawn wagons are in front of the factory. The Lithographer is identified as D.A. Woodworth, 96 Nassau St., N.Y.

Overall condition, given the age and nature of the piece, is good with some fading, soiling, and scapes of the paper labels of the outside three sides of the box, although all are entirely readable. The main litho on the undersurface of the top cover is in very good shape with only small corner tears, and good colors.

T is advertising on three of the four sides of the bottom of the box in addition to the main color litho. The wood is very well preserved, with no crack, splintering, or gauging. The hinges function fine.

This is truly
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