C542 Japanese lacquered OIMATSU tea caddy Famous YOSAI


CONDITION : Good. ( Used. No fault.)
SIZE : Width 3.8" : Height 2.2" : Weight 240g(with a signed box)
This is a tea caddy NATSUME of Japanese lacquer ware.
This was made about 30 years ago.
This is lacquering to wood(Pine tree). Real lacquer is use. It is never plastic.
The Natsume of such a shape is called "OIMATSU". It is a very popular shape.
OIMATSU has a lid with a hinge.
And such a lacquer work technique is called TAME-NURI. It's very good lacquer work!!
The Japanese lacquer ware is made carefully, taking very long days and months.
Since high technique and soul are needed, it is expensive.
This artist's name is YOSAI OKAMOTO . He is very famous artist in Japan.
This is the original which he made. And the box has his sign.
This is an original exclusive box for this item. It is very important.
And SHIFUKU (silk porch) is attached.
This is the very good tea-things seriously made by the specialist.
Please purchase famous artist's real work at this opportunity, and add to your Japanese collection.
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