ca 1920 Louis Vuitton Dresser Trunk - Rare! No Reserve!

Louis Vuitton Dresser Trunk Very Rare
This is an extremely desirable vintage Louis Vuitton dresser trunk. These trunks are few and far between and seldom surface. This piece was once owned by the New York/Washington DC socialite, Margaret Fahnestock Stokes, daughter of NY financier Gibson Fahnestock and the former wife of wealthy scion Sylvanus Stokes, Junior. Mrs. Stokes (the first) was a society gem who wore custom designed, trend setting fashions and traveled the globe with her husband and her Louis Vuitton trunk.
Margaret Stokes, whose businessman father was once a Prisoner of War, made her way in the highest social circles and rubbed elbows with many internationally known celebrities including Joseph Kennedy, then US Ambassador to Great Britain.
Mr. and Mrs. Stokes, who were married in 1918, traveled to Italy for the summers as one of the newspaper articles attests. They enjoyed a life of leisure and luxury with Mr. Stokes designing outfits for Mrs. Stokes whose clothing tastes he found rather staid. Mrs. Stokes was enthusiastic about wearing some of these outfits and others designed for her. In the pictures above we can see her in one of the specially created costumes that she wore to a high society fest.
The ramblings of her yachtsman husband finally proved too much for the more domesticated Mrs. Stokes
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