FRED DAVIS Turquoise and Silver Pillbox.

Amazing, ca. 1928, Fully Marked.

FREDERICK W. DAVIS discovered and fostered native folk art and the work of Mexican contemporary artists and participated in the development of a crafts industry which would include the production of silver jewelry. He sought out master silversmiths in Mexico City and worked with them to produce silver which has been described as âeoeunmistakably Mexicanâe. He accomplished this because of his understanding and appreciation of the Mexican aesthetic and because he was willing to share in the design process. His designs were inspired in Pre-Columbian art as it was revealed on pyramid walls and in contemporary Indian work, tempered by his own creativity. You could find more information about Fred Davis in the book: Mexican Silver, 20 th Century Handwrought Jewelry & Metalwork by Penny Chittim Morrill and Carole A. Berk.

This beautiful pillbox is made in silver. The lid has a turquoise cabochon inlaid in it and it is in perfect condition. The lower part of the box has a small cut piece; this makes the box easier to open. It is a really simple but beautiful design which has the characteristics of a piece designed by FRED DAVIS.

It measures: 1 1/8 X ¾ in. and ¾ in. of height.

It is fully marked as follows: FD, 925
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