Cabbage Patch hand signed box 25th anniversary doll

Up for bid is a 25th anniversary cabbage patch kid. Her name is Addie Beth This cabbage patch was sold at Clevland Georgia at the Babyland General Hospital. It is signed with permanent magic marker by xavier Roberts. This is not machine signed this is HAND SIGNED by the artist. Again I bought this Cabbage Patch Kid at the Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland Georgia home of the Cabbage Patch Kids. It is made by Jakks Pacific for Cabbage Patch.

If you are interested in having a birth baby from babyland please contact me as I make a trip a week to Babyland General. Just give me your details about what colors you would like in eyes, hair skin color so on and Ill be glad to make the trip for you if your not close by and would like a personal birth baby of your liking. I will also pick up any items you would like at the store in Babyland General thanks for bidding