Hi, (PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION REGARDING MINOR MARKS ETC BEFORE BIDDING, THANK YOU) I am selling 2 lovely Xavier Roberts Cabbage patch kids dolls. The larger doll is scented and is approximately 19" in length. This doll has is wearing a stretchy orange short sleeved top, floral patterned shirt (both velcro fastening), little pink pants, orange socks and pink shoes. All items of clothing are removable. The scented smell is a sort of sweet marshmallowie type smell. Her hair is a sort of mid brown with pinkish streaks and is tied up in bunches with bobbles. I'm not sure if the bobbles came with the doll or if my daughter put them in. She has brown eyes printed to the face. In places, the stretch orange blouse has very fine strands of rubbery elastic hanging from it. I think it is where the elastic has become a little worn. It doesn't appear to affect the top and can probably be 'tided up'. It also has some very minor marks in places where it has been played with a little. On the whole, it is still in lovely condition. The smaller doll is approximately 15" in length. This doll has been played with a lot more. There are a few minor marks and the dress has lots of bobbles etc to the back. Her hair could also do with a little bit of attention. It is blonde in colour and my daughter has put a bobble into the front fringe area. She has ... read more