Cabinet Door Panel Cutter/Reliable Cutting PanelCrafter

COSTS OVER $1600.00
The PanelCrafter
Models 609 & 413. The PanelCrafter has easy operation. It glides on a cushion of air (.002/.003Ã,âe). It is a time saver as it eliminates prebandsawing.
It is constructed of the finest aircraft aluminum. The Panelcrafter 609 method of shaping arched raised crowns. For clarity,guards are not shown, but are recommended for safe operating machinery. With sufficient power and the proper cutters, pre-band eliminated. The X & Y movement is made easy by means of a reverse air flow system. The control valve, on the left, you can control the amount of air cushion from .001 thru a series of air jets on the
bottom of the unit, eliminating friction. Glide miter bar slot; no need to fill. The material is centered with a rack and pinion connected directly to the pin with a knob, for easy, maintenance free operation. For safety, hands are not near the cutters. For Coping cuts, coping is fast, easy and safe.The cope attached to the base with two knob screws. Use a blowout or backer boar cope bar to eliminate blowout. For rail cuts using a straight template, straight edge of the #2 female template, on a fence or ball bearing rub collar. The cutters are to proper depth, then clamp the material securely with
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