CABINET PHOTO - CIRCUS FREAK/ SIDESHOW ODDITY - FAT LADY IN WEDDING DRESS - RARE! - You are bidding on an incredible cabinet card of a "Healthy Woman" as they use to say. This unknown Fat Lady from a Circus Sideshow was recently purchased in a large group of circus performers. She leans against the mantel of in Burrell's studio wearing an elegant wedding dress with a long train, a veil and her extra large strands of pearls. A rather risque sleeveless dress with a deep plunging neckline for a lady of her size. I must say, that the detailing and the amount of material it took to make this dress must have been quite an undertaking, don't you think? She also has pinned to her bosom a corsage, several medals or pins and a ladies pocket watch. She daintily displays her engagement ring to the camera. A finely composed photograph with amazing details.
Although Fat Ladies were called oddities or freaks at these Side Show attractions, we forget that they were human beings; human beings who are often limited from securing traditional employment due to their unusual physical conditions. Circus portraits like these were sold in addition to box office tickets to sideshow performances. Members from the audience would buy these images for a dime a piece to remember their favorite performers or oddities from their visit to various circus sideshows.
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