Cable Damascus Seax W/Sheath Brass FittingsViking Style

This is a hand forged custom cable damascus or Pattern Welded Viking Seax with an Elk handle. The blade is a solid one piece tang. In other words the blade and the tang are one piece and the tang does go through the entire handle. The guard is of mild steel fit to match the handle. The handle is a beautiful antler of the Rocky Mountain Elk - a close cousin of the Red Deer of Scotland making this as close to a traditional viking or Nordic style as possible. This blade comes complete with a nordic style leather sheath made to hang off the belt. The sheath is leather with brass mounts and hand riveted. This style is a replica of the ancient methods of the Vikings and Saxons. T are lacings but with rivets and brass, too. Each blde and sheath is hand made!!!!

Pattern welding is the practice in sword and knife making of forming a blade of several metal pieces of differing composition that are forge-welded together and twisted and manipulated to form a pattern. Often incorrectly called Damascus steel (which is produced by a different process ), blades forged in this manner often display bands of slightly different coloration along their entire length. These bands can be brought out for cosmetic purposes by proper polishing or acid etching .

The blade was hand forged in the fires at White Hart Forge by Daniel Klug. He has
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