CAD TRION 8000 studio tube mic TRION 8000 NEW

Bought for a studio project that never happened due to the economy! Never opened, and still in the factory box! These usually sell for $399.99 EACH at the big box stores, so this is a steal! he CAD Trion 8000 is a multi-pattern, externally biased, large dual diaphragm studio tube condenser microphone. The Trion 8000 incorporates a sophisticated, precision-machined, hand-assembled capsule. The low mass 1.12-inch gold vapor deposited, hand dampened diaphragms offer the warm, rich and open classic tube sound ideal for studio vocal recordings in the digital realm. Exceptional sensitivity, low distortion and an extended frequency response make the Trion 8000 an outstanding performer. From musicians recording at home to performers, FOH engineers and Grammy award winning artists, the Trion 8000 is receiving these types of comments: * "The Trion 8000 has a nice top end, smooth and very true sounding. It's on the top of my list for vocal mics." Gordini with Nickelback * Collins "The Jack" Peters uses the Trion 8000 for its warmth and clarity for recording vocals. * "This mic was warm, fat and brilliant on my 200 year old French Bass. I knew my bass sounded good, but it sounded unbelievable. Thanks for a GREAT microphone!" Brandino!, bass player with Mary J Blige for Best R&B Album of 2007, the Breakthrough. Discrete Class A electronics ... read more