The Cadbury FUSE bar was released in a blaze of publicity on Tuesday 24 September 1996 Forty million Fuse bars were sold in the first week of release. The brand was discontinued in 2006.The colours in this bar are fantastic and makes a lovely mug to have.
***PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE WILL ONLY BE ANOTHER 5 OF THESE MUGS PRODUCED AS I AM ONLY DOING 10 OF ALL MY CADBURY AND FRY'S MUGS*** Each mug is printed with the latest sublimation inks and materials producing dishwasher and microwave friendly non peel mugs that will retain there coloues for life and will not fade in the sunlight indoors or out.
PLEASE NOTE :-many of you may recognise my products as a different seller and may have me saved as ebay id 'dwarf1234' this is because i was previously using my carers account as i was in and out of hospital.I have now set up my own account to make things simpler but all my feedback is as on 'dwarf1234'. This venture is an extension of my hobby as i have collected advertising for decades and anything related to it.I am now reproducing some of the things i have come across and enjoy seeing it being collected by many people in either mugs or enamel signs-i am not a big manufacturer just a guy in a shed passing my time away-i hope you enjoy my products,i use only the top best quality printing inks paper and sublimation equipment .
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