Cadence All Eyes on You CD Chris Daughtry FREE SHIPPING

All Eyes On You" by Cadence album released in 1999 Chris Daughtry, lead vocals & rhythm guitar Includes original booklet and jewel case The CD booklet has pictures of Chris with long hair. Although they aren't the best quality pictures in the CD sleeve, it is still interesting to see him with that much hair. Free shipping within the United States, sorry I won't ship outside the U.S.A.Tracks: Human Tired Eyes Thorn In My Side All Eyes On You Corner Alive Tainted Blood Grip Gravity Drive I originally had this CD to collect as I am a huge fan of Daughtry, but currently need the money. I already have a second one that I am keeping. Also, 10% of this purchase will be donated to Mobile Loaves & Fishes in Austin, Texas Thanks and Good Luck