CAESAR AND THE CRISIS OF THE ROMAN ARISTOCRACY: A CIVIL WAR READER. BY JAMES S. RUEBEL . Norman and London : University of Oklahoma Press, 1994. First Edition, First Printing. Scarce.
A solid and attractive scarce book. Published more than 20 years ago, this edition is now long out of print and hard to find.
From the Preface: "The readings provided in this book are envisioned as a course in Latin for advanced undergraduate or graduate students. The aim of the course is to present a view of Julius Caesar through his own words and the words of his contemporaries. The assumption behind the arrangement and selection of these materials is that the period just before and just after the outbreak of the Civil War between Caesar and Pompey is of independent interest, apart from Caesar's future career. These events and persons require our evaluation in their historical moment in a way that will not permit detachment or neutrality. By conducting such a reading, our understanding of the wider issues involved will be substantially enhanced. Thus, the study of Caesar provides not only a feeling of participation in exciting and momentous events but also the opportunity for rigorous humanistic inquiry into questions of value, morality, an political action and expediency. The study and evaluation of Caesar is a useful enterprise in itself.

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