Cairn Studio Gnome "Ollie" - Signed by Tom Clark

Ollie is a special piece that we believe was part of a special "collector's line" that celebrated the seasons of the year and Ollie was created especially for "Springtime". Tom Clark signed this piece on 5/22/1983 when we first met him. Ollie has the date of 1981 on a leaf in front of him just to the left of the butterfly and above his name. This is the year he was created and this piece is in the 1st Edition. The number "1" appears in the front just under the butterfly.

Ollie did have an accident over the many years that we had him. He fell onto our carpeted floor and he broke away from his base. He has been lovingly repaired, but t is a small line around his legs that is slightly above the small butterfly. Was he perhaps standing still so long watching the butterfly that he lost his balance one day?

Ollie comes with his Certificate of Authenticity from Cairn Studios, Ltd. Ollie's Creation Date documented on the Certificate of Authenticity is 10/01/81. Ollie has a Number in Offering of "S-T-R". We have been told that S-T-R means soon to be retired and is found on early Tom Clark Creations.

Ollie so intent on standing very still and watching a large butterfly at his feet that he has not noticed the smaller butterfly that has landed just behind him. Just to the right of the butterfly t is a Canadian coin
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