Cairn Studio Tom Clark Gnome ~NATIVITY BARN & HOLY FAMILY~ Creche Christmas RARE

WOW! What great pieces to display at Christmas or give to that Special Someone. This is a set of two pieces. The Nativity Barn was created by Tom Clark in 1999 and the Holy Family was created by Tom Clark in1995. The Barn is about 7 " tall and about 10 1/2" wide. The Holy family is about 6" tall. These are rare pieces becaues the base was taking off the Holy Family so it would fit in the Nativity Barn. There are no marking of Tom Clark or years or edition # on the Holy Family. The Nativity Barn has edition 70, The Holy Family does not have edition # and they can not be registered. This is the last ones I have. This beautiful piece came directely from Cairn Studio, where they are no longer manufacturing. It was painted and stain sealed by a former non-smoking studio employee. This piece was made and finished with pride in the U.S.A.. And are more valued than the pieces comming out of China now. It has edition #. It does not have certificate and can not be registered. What a great rare pieces to add to any collection or give to that Special Someone. The long journey is over. The fear and exhaustion of the past few days have been forgotten, and in their place is an overwhelming sense of joy. In the makeshift nursery, Mary gazes tenderly at her infant. The concerned innkeeper has brought a dough board from the kitchen to serve as a cradle ... read more