Cairns & Bro Black Fiberglass KKK TWP FIREMAN HELMET

Cairnes & Bro Fiberglass Fire Helmet

K.K.K. TWP 2

This fire helmet is black fiberglass. The black leather shield (size 5" wide x 6" at the top point) says "K.K.K. TWP 2". A gold metal plate holds the shield with a red FD logo printed on both sides. The inside has a heavy brown canvas sweat band. The oval inside brim measures 8" by 7 1/2" with a circumference of 25". The helmet weighs about 2 pounds. The brim measures 15" by 11 1/2". The number 4881 is handwritten in black marker on the inside. T is a metal hook on the back to hang the helmet. "CAIRNS & BRO." is embossed in the bottom side of the back brim. A black and foil sticker on the bottom side of the back brim reads "N-880-88 NEWARKER meets NFPA 1972 Latest Revision". The adjustable chinstrap is intact but has been exposed to extreme heat or fire as it appears to have melted two spots of the strap. The Eye Shields are hinged, with some scratches, and are securely attached with nut and bolt .

We cannot determine the exact age of this helmet. It has the dents and scratches, wear and tear, that would be expected from an item of its use. We attempted to research "KKK TWP" to determine w this helmet might have been used, but we were unsuccessful in our search. Any ideas?


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