Cal Ripken Oddball MAMMA 1986 Blank Back Milk Card

This is the photo that started the craze. Dozens of world-famous athletes have posed for a milk ad. Cal was the very first. This item was issued as a stadium give away with a black wallet. I sold my last wallet quite a while ago, but 's the card with that famous photo. This will be attached to stiff cardboard to help guarantee its safe arrival at your door. Buyer to pay $3.00 for a careful packing job and shipping costs. I have numerous other Ripken collectibles up for auction right now. Combine with these other auctions and save on fees. My system: You pay the most expensive fee in full, but only half on the rest.

Note: I will be traveling when this item ends. I will contact you and ship your item(s) as soon as I return home, which should be in about 5 or 6 days after this auction ends.

Note: I live in the Baltimore vicinity, and I ran a Ripken oddball business for almost 15 years. I have numerous local items that were not available outside this area. Let me know of your specific Ripken needs, and I'll list whatever I have on eBay.