Calf Creeks (2), 2" & 1-7/8" - Pitkin & Edwards - Logan Co, AR - (Slight RS ???)

For sale are two (2) very nice, and highly prized Calf Creek AtlAtl Points from Logan Co, AR.

They measure: 2" x 1-7/8".
The 1-7/8" one is made from black Pitkin (?) Chert.
The 2" one is made pretty Edwards Plateau.

These beauties were made in the Early Archaic Era, from 7,500 to 5,500 BC,
Nice workmanship, and Patina Throughout !!!

NO Brainer Authentics !!!

Absolutely fantastic display !!!
Killer little Texas Gems !!!

I 'think' someone restored the Tip on one, and I simply can't tell on the black one !
If there is any restoration, it is minor, and this listing is priced accordingly... (and in the buyers favor) !!!

These artifacts are Absolutely No-Brainer Authentic pieces.

BOTH are Guaranteed ABSOLUTELY Authentic & Legally Obtained !!!

Please allow me 3 business days for me to get your item to the Post Office.
Very Important: If I have a Repro, I'll tell you. If I have a Restored point, I'll tell you. If I'm not sure, I'll tell you.
I will only refuse refunds on very fragile ceramic artifacts, or on Papered (COA) Points. Other than that, I DO NOT believe in taking someone's money without THEM being happy... ... because to us, that's a BIG No-No !!!
Sometimes we screw up, and make mistakes. We've even inadvertently mixed-up the wrong listing
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