Cali Cons! $ Gold Dredge Panning Concentrates Real Gold

Cali Cons! Simply the best!

I ship FASSST!

UPDATE: Each buyer (one per shipment) gets a free gold pan, gold bottle, and suction tweezers with your gold panning concentrates purchase! (kinda nice if you dont have a gold pan and if you do, you always need another ... right?)


Update 10/29/06: New batch of Cons! These cons were just dredged Oct 14 &15 by yours truely. Northern Cali weather has been great this fall and the rivers have stayed low (but I froze my rearend off)! It was a nice treat to find that the spot I picked was still virgin ground and never touched with a dredge nozzle. I found several hard pack layers of material right down to hardpan about 4-5' down thru the overburden. Probably 50% of the Klamath river has this hardpan, its just like concrete. It acts just like bedrock and you got to make sure you suck and break the rocks off the top to get all the gold out of the cracks. Fun stuff for sure. As predicted due to the virgin material I was working, I saw a lot of color in the scalper including some chunky stuff and lotsa flakes. Not sure what was in the riffles as they were full of cons. No nuggets over ¼" in this batch, I know that from the screening. 100% of the gold I found in this trip is in the 5 gallon bucket of cons I brought home. I didn'
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