California (Hamilton) Type Drawer Shadow Boxes

For sale are California Type Drawers . These drawers make very unique shadow boxes. They measure 321/2 X 173/8 X 13/8". They are light colored wood with a metal front. They have a removable handle. The inserts are wood and can be removed for larger items. They are perfect for small collections(thimbels,shot glasses, etc.) I have more than 2000 available, and for a price of $9.50 each, they are quite a bargain. If you would like more than one, just state it with your purchase, and I will calc. the additional shipping for you. It would certainly be a conversation piece in your home. The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination with these. You could even stain them for a darker appearance, or paint them your favorite color. Thanks for looking. Shipping weight is 14 lbs., and shipping zip code is 44065. I ship worldwide. All the type drawers have metal fronts. They came from a closed print shop.