California Impressionist LISTED artist HAWKINS painting original Glorious Clouds

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Recently Sold "On-Line" Paintings. Price range $160-$950

DESCRIPTION: This is another awesome super-large painting for your listening and viewing pleasure. It is a signed UN FRAMED oil painting that measures 30x40 inches. It has some real thick paint and very expressive brush work. It is painted on canvas mounted on hardboard and finished with a cleanable varnish for protection. Furniture grade hand-milled and joined frame is available too...inquire within(?)

TITLE: Pendragon Circle

PRICING: The stated retail values on all my auction and for-purchase paintings are true. I have sold many paintings at these prices over many years. I am exploding with gratitude to a kind Creator who has lent me the opportunity to be able to expose my work to an awful lot of people...mostly ordinary and good folk that otherwise would never darken the door of a high-falutin' gallery where art sells for thousands of dollars. (at least not with purchasing in mind...that's how I visit art galleries!) Though the Auction starting prices, Buy-It-Now , and Fixed Price items with a "make offer" option may vary to some degree because of size and other factors, be aware that they are always well below any honest estimation of retail value for professional grade fine art. That
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