California School" Private Collection E.Crain, 1986

The Private Collection of E. Gene Crain
Organized by Gualala Arts
David Stary-Sheets, Exhibit Director
Gualala Arts Center, Gualala, California
May 24-July 20, 1986
Stary-Sheets, David, Exhibit Director/Organized by Gualala Arts
    "California School" - The Private Collection of E. Gene Crain. Gualala Arts, Gualala, California, 1986. 64 leaves.
Table of Contents ...
E. Gene Crain - by Janet B. Dominik
Director's Foreword
Essay: California School - by Janet B. Dominik
Artist Biographies - By Janet B. Dominik
Brant, Rexford Elson , N.A.
Craig, Thomas Theodore Crown, Keith Allan Dike, Philip Latimer , N.A.
Hulett, Ralph Irving, Joan Mulloch Kingman, Dong M.N.A.
Kosa, Emil Jean, Jr. , N.A.
Logan, Maurice , N.A.
Lutz, Dan Miller, Barse , N.A.
Paradise, Philip Hershel , A.N.A.
Parshall, Douglass Ewel l, N.A.
Post, George Booth Reep, Edward Arnold Sheets, Millard Owen , N.A.
Wood, Robert E. , A.N.A.
Zornes, James Milford , A.N.A.
Index of Plates
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It measures 8 1/2 inches wide, 10 1/2 inches tall, and runs
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