Call Of The Dead Ops Escalation A1 PS3 XBOX Poster

A1 (4 x A3) Sized Glossy + Laminated
Call Of Duty Escalation Zombies Wall Poster
(23.39 inch width x 33.11 inch height)
Delivered Worldwide within 3-5 (Maximum 7) days
This sale is for an A1 Sized (4 x A3) Call Of Duty Escalation Call Of The Dead Zombies Laminated poster. The large poster is made up of 4 individual A3 sized pieces measuring at 23.39 inch width x 33.11 inch height .
Our Prints
Unlike most sellers our photos are of high resolution and we will not print out blurry images at such a large size. Our images are also professionally laminated so that they look even glossier, last longer and stay protected from water, fingerprints and dirt. You can even clean the poster with soap and water whenever necessary. Laminated images also gives the poster more of a 3D effect. To mount the posters simply use blu- tack, mount spray or double sided tape.
We also sell this poster in A4, A3 and A2 as well. In this listing you are buying the poster in A1 size If you wish to choose a different size from the one mentioned in the listing please contact me for the prices. Take a look at our size guide to determine which size is suited for you. This poster is available up to A1 size
Size Guide
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