RARE CAMARK John Lessell Ware Bronze Palm Trees Metallic Ceramic Vase Weller

Description: Fantastic, rare Camark vase with iridescent reddish,gold and bronze metallic applied luster glaze. This is a John Lessel (Lessel Ware) piece that depicts palm trees, mountains and the sun on the surface. Apologies, I don't have the Camark book so can't provide the information there - but believe that this piece utilized a technique that John Lessel learned while he was at Weller, and that this line dates to around 1928. As far as I know, this line is uncommon - though I can't speak to the exact rarity. Marked with "Le Camark" on the side and has an original Camark sticker attached still. If you have any further questions on this vase, please ask and I'll try answer the best I can.
Condition: In good vintage condition, with no cracks or chips. Some manufacturing drips (see 7th photo for example). Some minor scuffing, wear and scratches to metal surface (see 8th,9th photos for examples). I'm really not familiar with this glaze style, so it is difficult to tell if the metal has worn a bit, or if that's just the way the glaze was applied - but overall there don't seem to be any abrasions or loss.
Measurements: Measures about 8" tall, 3" wide at mouth, 6" widest.
Please ask all questions before purchasing.
Please look at the photos carefully - they are
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