Cambridge 3 lite Epergne Candlestick Candle holder

Cambridge 3 lite Epergne Candelabra Candlestick holder w/Bobache

Up for auction is a beautiful Cambridge Cambridge 3 lite Epergne Candelabra with a Bobeche. This is Cambridge Epergne line, number 663. The bobache or bobeche (however you prefer to spell it), may not be Cambridge. It is a different style from their typical line of bobeche's. The bobeche along with the piece it sets on works like a channel lock. (see pic) All pieces are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks, with the exception of the piece that is holding the two vases. The epergne part that holds the vases/candle does have some flaws and two very small chips on it's bottom side only . As you look at the pictures (11th & 12th picture down) you'll see towards the middle (near/on seam of the ring) ripples in the glass. I can not tell if they are multiple teeny tiny chips or just ripples. I believe these to be ripples a manufactured flaw as it is odd they are on both sides in the same place? I have looked with a magnifying glass and still can not determine for sure. I have circled w the flaws and very small chips/nicks are, so you may see w they are located. The chips/nicks are less than 1/8" in diameter and are not deep. Please note they look bigger than what they are as they have been magnified by taking close up shots for you to get a better look.
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