Cambridge ARMS Scalloped Bobeche and 8 Prisms - #1

Cambridge Arms Epergne -

Bobeche and Prisms

You are bidding on a single bobeche with 8 spear prisms.

This is unmarked Cambridge Glass and is

designed for their ARMS collection of candle holders,

candelabra, and epergnes.

This scalloped bobeche will fit

onto most any Cambridge candlestick

that will accommodate a bobeche.

There are two indentations in the center hole

that will lock the bobeche in place.

Great piece for the Cambridge collector… very hard to find.

The piece measures about 4 inches in diameter

with a 1 ¾ inch diameter insert hole.

Prisms are about 3 inches long.

Includ ing the octagonal attachment and wires, they are about 3 3/4 inches in length.

There is some roughness that can be felt

on the bottom of the bobeche where it meets the candlestick.

Nothing is visible. No chips or cracks.

As usual…there can be small chips on the faceted cuts of the prisms.

Nice clear glass.

Please see photos for detail.

I am listing two of these in separate auctions…

Beautiful Cambridge Quality Crystal

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