CAMBRIDGE AUDIO Model 2500 Receiver- Cambridge Massachusetts / Japan . Excellent Cosmetic and Electrical Condition .. My guess is that this receiver was designed in the USA but manufactured in Japan sometime in the 70's. Cambridge Audio is still in business today, producing some fine sounding phono stages like the Azur 640P and many other components .Hopefuilly the pictures should tell most of the story, but just in case, from left to right: The selector switch has four positions: AM, FM, PHONO and AUX. Next to that is a Loudness button, Tape Monitor, and FM muting button. A nice 1/4 inch headphone jack, Speaker switch with OFF, A, B, and A+B positions . The next Knob in the Bass, then the Treble, the Balance control, and at the far right, the Volume control. The larger knob just above the volume is the Analogue Tuning Dial , which turns nice and smooth. To the far left inside of the tuning glass is an analogue FM signal strength meter which works just fine.. One nice feature is the tuning indicator, which is normally illuminated between stations , then turns red when you zero in on an FM Stereo Station . On the rear of the unit, left to right, we have the 4 amp fuse holder, the power cord, an AC UNswitched outlet , the R and L "B" channel speaker binding posts, and the "A" channel R and L binding posts, Next to that are the L and ... read more