This is a precious Cambridge Glass Amethyst Decanter with beautiful round stopper and one 3 1/2# cordial glass to match.
The glass color is rich and without any blemish.
The stopper is perfect.
T his Farber Bros. decanter with the glass insert produced by the Cambridge Glass Company in their rich amethyst colored glass. The Farber Bros. chrome plated base holder is 8 1/2" in height. This decanter maintains a total liquid capacity of 1 pint.

The Farber chromed mounts on this piece are free of any pitting, corrosion, peeling or lifting of the chrome plating, dents or dings except a small split in two corners which looks like part of the seam and isnt noticeable at all and does not affect the holder at all. This decanter sits level just like it was when purchased back in the 1940's at a very fine Jewelry or High End Department Store that catered to the well-heeled of the day!!!

You will also, as one would expect, find Cambridge 's amethyst colored decanter body in the same equally amazing condition.

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