Cambridge Large 3 lite Epergne Candelabra Candleholder

Cambridge Large 3 lite Epergne Candelabra Candleholder w/Babaches

Up for auction is a beautiful Cambridge 3 lite (candle) + 3 Vase (flowers) Epergne Candelabra with Bobeches. This is a stunning piece. It is absolutely beautiful.

T are an amazing 34 separate and removable pieces of glass or crystal that make up this item. It stands over 12" tall and 11" wide. With all of these pieces t are only a few things (flaws) that I need to mention.

(a) One hanging crystal is missing (1 out of 24) which is almost impossible to notice due to the shear volume of other glass and crystals.
(b) One vase is a half inch bigger than the other two.
(c) On the bottom of the glass piece (or arm) that holds the vases t is a chip (3/8" x 1/4") on one of the loops, I've circled it in one of the photos, but it's very hard to notice as it blends with the pattern of the glass. The other two loops (of that same piece) have very minor nicks, looks and feels more like a few rough spots around the inside bottom edge of the loop, extremely minor. All of what I have explained (the chip and nicks) is only on the bottom side and is not seen when the piece is together. T are no other chips or nicks in this piece.

I have taken MANY pictures so you can see a further description and condition of the Candelabra and all it's different
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