Cambridge ROSEPOINT Set of 6 Water Stem Crystal Glasses

This is an auction for a set of 6 Vintage Cambridge Glass Company Crystal Water Glasses or Tumblers in the Famous ROSEPOINT pattern!!!! These beautiful, stunning crystal glasses are from my Nana's china closet.......just trying to clean out a bit, otherwise my house would be overflowing with all the pretty things I love! Each glass stands approximately 7" high, we think that this pattern is #3121, Footed Water, 7", holds 10 ounces. This is according to Elegant Glass, Early, Depression and Beyond by Debbie and Randy Coe. Evidentally, Rosepoint is extremely popular and they etched it on to many different glass forms and pieces. Rosepoint was made by Cambridge from 1935-1954. Also, my daughter thinks that these could also be used as nice wine glasses. Five are in excellent mint condition with no chips, cracks, breaks. One has a minor inside rim chip (inside? how did that happen?) measuring less than 1 mm~~~that is ever so slightly felt when you run your ringer around the inner rim. It is very faint, but needed to be mentioned. Maybe this could be filed out? Anyway, it is not sharp at all and you can run your finger over this 1mm defect and not get cut. Also, the glasses are not cloudy or sick. They are clear, bright crystal. A bit hard to photograph, but we tried.....if additional photos are needed, please advise.
These glasses
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