CamelBak Chemical Biological Replacement Reservoir

Amherst Drop Zone

Brand New
Chem Bio Reservior 4.0

CamelBak has created the ultimate chemical and biological resistant hydration system. The durable Chem Bio Reservoir 4.0 uses DuraFlex(tm) Barrier Technology to shut out chemical and biological agents. And the new HydroGuard(tm) Anti-Microbial Technology works continuously to inhibit growth of bacteria and fungus inside. Field-proven, CBR 4.0 takes preparedness to another level by exceeding USACHPPM TG 230A water quality standards .

Brand New, Never Used 3 liter capacity Resists penetration of live chemical and biological agent Exceeds USACHPPM TG 230A Military Water Quality Standards Attaches to standard protective masks Includes Big Bite(tm) valve for hands-free drinking without mask Includes CamelBack's new HydroGuard(tm) Anti-Microbial Technology - continuously inhibits growth of bacteria and fungus on reservoir and delivery tube surfaces. This technology is safe, effective, FDA-approved, and EPA-registered. DuraFlex Barrier(tm) technology resists abrasion, punctures and tearing Fits into most CamelBak Hydration Systems and most other packs Reservoir holds cold or warm fluids Full reservoir is burst resistant, even after a 10 ft (3m) drop onto concrete Includes: CBR 4.0 reservoir, Big Bite(tm) valve and Type M protective
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