Camillus Kukri Machete Knife Blade with Leather Sheath!

Camillus Kukri Machete Blade Blank and Sheath, both made in USA
For the Discerning Craftsman
Tactical Edge Solutions recently acquired some fine blade blanks from the Camillus factory in New York due to its closure last year. These blade blanks are not normally available to the public, as they were intended to be finished in the factory.
However, now that Camillus has closed, discerning craftsmen have the unusual opportunity to obtain first-rate, American-made blade blanks and customize them into unique, collectible knives of the highest calibre.
Needless to say, these blanks will be available only for a short time, since t are no more being made. We are selling stock that happened to be in the factory when the doors were closed; when they're gone, they're gone for good.
This item is a heat-treated Carbon Steel Camillus Kukri machete blade blank. It measures 17" overall (measured straight, not along the curve of the blade) and the blade measures 12 1/2" (also measured straight). It is made from a very substantial metal billet and is 1/4" spine thickness. It is ground (except for the tip) and polished but has not received a final sharpening. This blank was most likely manufactured for Cold Steel, but t is no tang stamp. Some of these blanks have the excess material at the point, as in the picture,
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