This is a Civil War camp ax or hatchet head used for the inevitable chores around the Civil War period campsite. Chopping small trees and splitting wood for cooking and heating fires, clearing brush for tent and cannon placement and a thousand other jobs

This barn found ax was manufactured by the Philadelphia sword maker and is stamped... 3 C. HAMMOND PHILA CAST STEEL the same mark you find on his cavalry swords. ( Charles Hammond.... Hammond ran an edged tool factory in Philadelphia with his son. During the Civil War he had government contracts for 5,000 axes and 5,000 hatchets, and also made tomahawks and a number of swords.)

There is a nearly identical ax head pictured on page 84 of the Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia, Volume III by Francis Lord . The one in the book was excavated at the camp of the 10 th NY Artillery Battery at Brandy Station. I have scanned that page and included it here for your convenience.

The ax has no handle. It measures 3-3/4" tall and 6-1/2" across the ax head. This hatchet will make an excellent addition to your CW camp equipment or Pioneer collection.

Great for display or to use in your living history scenario.