Campagnolo Nuovo Record Rear Derailleur '72 Milled Polished by Drillium Revival

1972 Nuovo Record rear derailleur that I've custom milled, drilled, filed, and polished.

Lots of work in this one! The face plate has been smoothed and has a hand filed cut-out. The rear plate has a matching cut-out.

Decorative milling has been done on the tops and "pivot hearts".

The lower pivot housing has been fluted, as well as the pivot spring shroud.

The jockey cage has been milled and drilled.

The original pivot bolts have been completely re-profiled and then re-chrome plated.

The derailleur and jockey cage has been stripped of anodizing and polished.

NOS Bullseye pulleys have been installed.

See photos for details.

To see more of my milling and drilling work on old bike parts check out my Flickr gallery Drillium Revival

Drillium Revival is about 1970's style milling and drilling on classic racing parts. All done as it was in the day using a manual milling machine, drill press, and hand tools.

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